The Amazon FBA Beginner Spreadsheet Package (BSP)

Ella The Reseller
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Are you new to Amazon FBA, and feeling overwhelmed about keeping track of your sourcing and purchases?

Or have you been selling on Amazon for a while and want to upgrade your current set up?

The FBA-BSP will become your sourcing and inventory hub, holding and organising your data so that you can easily interpret it

By streamlining your processes with checkbox automation, the FBA-BSP will save you invaluable time that you can allocate elsewhere in your business, to higher ROI tasks like sourcing!

The FBA-BSP is the only spreadsheet package for Amazon FBA that educates you about its features, the formulas and how to tailor it to your needs

By monitoring key aspects of your Amazon business, the FBA-BSP will reduce your feelings of overwhelm around not knowing what you SHOULD be tracking and not knowing HOW to track it!

Since starting an Amazon FBA business in September 2021, I have been developing my own monitoring system based on my personal preferences. This package works if you are sourcing for yourself, as well as if you have one or more VAs!

I wish I had this set up when I first started!

The FBA-BSP is aimed at new Amazon sellers, anyone wanting to get started or anyone who is looking for an accessible option to elevate their organisation and streamline their processes.

It is highly recommended to be subscribed to Seller Amp SAS due to their Google sheets integration, which enables data export to your spreadsheets with one click! This feature alone will save you a significant amount of time that you could be using elsewhere in your business

What is included in the package?

  • PDF instruction booklet
  • One hour of video content covering walkthroughs of both spreadsheets as well as ways to customise the features to your preferences
  • An Inventory Management sheet
  • A Sourcing Analysis sheet
  • A Shipment Uploader sheet
  • Technical support

Sourcing analysis sheet – key features:

  • Data import from Seller Amp SAS
  • Colour coding based on your sourcing criteria
  • Spend target and progress tracker
  • Additional tabs to enable advanced data filtering
  • Sourcing analysis by time period
  • Deal and spend analysis by sourcing method
  • “Bad” deal analysis
  • Daily and weekly checklist section

Inventory Management sheet - key features:

  • Custom SKU generator
  • Received order discrepancy calculator
  • Stock value at varying stages of the FBA process
  • Visual monthly sales monitor (you will need to input this data)
  • Spend tracker (total or split between VAs)
  • Value of stock at different stages
  • Bulk listing uploader function
  • Shipment builder

I also teach you about the versatile formulas used, so that you can adapt the existing set up or add additional features based on what’s important to you! (with examples)

This package does NOT include STK integrations or information related to VAT registered sellers

Price does not include VAT added by Gumroad



  • VAT column for inventory management
  • STK COGs uploader
  • STK repricer minimum file
  • Prep sheet template with instructions to tailor to your prep centre
  • Report Transformer spreadsheet: break down monthly profits by VA and track stock value at every stage of the Amazon Fulfilment Network using STK and Seller Central reports


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The Amazon FBA Beginner Spreadsheet Package (BSP)

2 ratings
I want this!